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BBC News - Cambridgeshire Sat, 15 May 2021 07:49:52 GMT

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

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Cambridge student jailed for exploding parcel postal fraud

Ovidijus Margelis sent packages with improvised devices in the post to get refunds, a court hears.

Whisky-drinking lorry driver banned over crash

Lauri Martel, 40, was filmed veering across the A1(M) near Peterborough on Tuesday morning.

Lady Lavinia Nourse: Ex-judge's widow 'shocked' by abuse accusations

Lady Lavinia Nourse, 77, is charged with 17 counts of sexual abuse relating to the same boy.

Cambridgeshire County Council: Lib Dems, Labour and Independents form alliance

The alliance has taken control of Cambridgeshire County Council from the Conservatives.

Amazon set to hire 10,000 UK workers

The tech giant is tightening its grip on retail as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Mary Beard's retirement present to fund students

Historian and TV presenter is paying for scholarships to widen access to classics beyond "posh" people.

Cambridge Nature Network aims to reclaim space for people and environment

The charities behind the plans want to set aside areas for nature to make their city "wilder".

Peterborough murder probe: Man charged over party stab death

A 20-year-old has been charged with the murder of Daniel Szalasny.